Safe & Educational Kindergarten Toys

Kindergarten toys tend to be brightly colored but they often come apart into multiple pieces which challenge their ability to solve puzzles such as matching shapes so all pieces fit together.

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Choosing Safe Kindergarten Toys

What type of toys to avoid for your kindergartener, from a safety stand point? Warning labels on toys often create a dividing line at the 3-year point: after this age, most children should be able to safely play with them. Read More…
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Games for Kindergarten Children

There are so many toys and games available to our young children that it can be overwhelming to choose what is most appropriate for them.Parents are constantly bombarded with advertisements for toys and games. Read More…
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Educational Toys

Kids currently have far more distractions than they’ve ever had before. This is especially true during their formative stages of life when many youngsters are liable to spend a considerable amount of time. Read More…